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do what you love

fuck the rest.

this should be an interesting adventure
Suicide is never a black and white issue

the beach is love
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california is love
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cats are love
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victory junction gang camp is love
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Melissa Hansen | Create your badge

This web site contains real human language.

This is an early warning system for the faint of heart. Apparently, there are many people unable to cope with spoken and written language as developed by humans up to this point.

This is for you.

george carlin

-animal lover
-as of 25.06.08, mother to the most beautiful baby boy
-music lover
-former porn star
-american expat living in australia
adam petty, all nighters, amateur photography, america, animal rights, anti bush, aqua teen hunger force, art, atheism, australia, being married, bing cherries, black & white, black and white photography, bluegrass, british accents, cake, california, candles, cash cab, cats, cheese, concerts, cooking, dave matthews band, david bowie, deadliest catch, digital cameras, dodgers, donnie darko, dvds, elton john, empire records, ewan mcgregor, flip flops, folk, foo fighters, friends, gaming, george carlin, hair and makeup, hal sparks, heath ledger, hollywood, homestar runner, italian, italian cooking, italian food, jake gyllenhaal, jet li, jimmy buffet, koalas, kyle petty, labyrinth, lightning, livejournal, llamas, lord of the rings, los angeles, love, mac, mac cosmetics, marilyn monroe, medicine, melbourne, mike rowe, mopping the floor, movies, mumford & sons, music, my ipod, navy pier, new york, nostalgia, orlando jones, petty enterprises, phlebotomy, photography, photos, poetry, psoriasis, queen, queer as folk, ramen, rats, reading, recipes, red heads, redondo beach, robbie williams, robin williams, root beer, rufus wainwright, santa monica pier, scrubs, sims, sleeping, snow, soccer, starsky & hutch, stephen king, stop animal testing, sushi, sweet tea, swimming, tae bo, tattoos, techno, the beach, the cornelia marie, the northwestern, the thin white duke, the time bandit, thunderstorms, trainspotting, true blood, uk, vanilla coke, victory junction gang camp, vincent d'onofrio, voluptuous, walking, wonder woman, working out, world of warcraft, wow